Tuesday’s run is well attended offering a number of speed and distance groups each lead by a UKA qualified group leader (LIRF). PLEASE NOTE THIS SESSION IS FREE AND OPEN TO AFFILIATED MEMBERS OF ALL ABILITIES

Due to great popularity the numbers on a Tuesday were giving us safety and community impact concerns. Currently Tuesdays are limited to affiliated members but applications are currently closed. To be added to the waiting list apply here. New members are encouraged to come along to the Sunday run, 9.00 am at the waterpark.

Runs usually last from around 30 minutes to around an hour, and we cover paces ranging from 13 to 7 minute miles. A typical session will start with a gentle warmup, a run based on either a particular distance or route or perhaps a fartlek or intervals session. We’ll then return to outside the Bowling Green Pub where you’ll be guided through a warm down prior to all joining back up for a pint, some cheap food and a natter inside.

You can be sure that you’ll receive a warm welcome and during the run your group leader will ensure you aren’t left behind. If you want to come along and say hello and find out more, you may want to come along a little earlier than 6:45 or join the discussion on our busy Facebook group which will offer an outline to the choices during that weeks session, or get in touch via the contacts page.

The speed offering:

We offer a comprehensive range of speed groups covering all common time splits, runners are of course welcome to move up and down groups freely providing they can maintain the advertised pace. We take great care to ensure newcomers have a pleasant experience if you’re unsure which group to join, come along and let us do the worrying for you. Our qualified run leaders organise the following groups each week:

7-8 minute milers |

usually a distance run ranging from 5-12 miles

8-9 minute milers |

usually two groups one offering a steady run of around 6 miles, the other offering fartlek or interval running

9-10 minute milers |

a steady run lasting up to an hour

10-11 minute milers |

a steady run lasting up to an hour

11-12 minute milers |

a steady run lasting up to an hour

12 + minute milers |

a steady run/walk session lasting up to an hour

CR is friendly and welcoming to absolute beginners who wouldn’t call themselves ‘runners’, but it also provides useful training and advice for fools trying for a sub-3 hour marathon, while catering for every level of runner between these two extremes. It frequently encourages the consumption of alcohol and cake, and it’s free. CR is all things to all runners.
Richard Bond McNally

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